Christian Bale is “John Connor”!


Don’t you hate it when a movie project you have written off becomes interesting?

As you may have previously read on my blog, Director McG was chosen to direct the 4th entry in the “Terminator” series, “Terminator: Salvation”.

“Terminator: Salvation” is to serve as a potential springboard for an all new “Terminator” trilogy. When I read about this news I really couldn’t care less about this project.

Then the folks over at Aint It Cool reported that Batman himself Christian Bale has been cast as the new “John Connor”.

This casting choice is interesting to me and makes me curious about the project again. Bale has built up a considerable amount of good will with his fans, and he really hasn’t made a bad movie. His choices in film roles are always pretty good. 

This all also makes me wonder if McG is trying to repent for the “Charlie’s Angels” movies, and actually make a real kick ass “Terminator” film.

We’ll all see soon enough.