Bonus Alicia Keys Track: “Hurt So Bad”


I love Alicia Keys, but I am not loving her new album “As I Am”.

I am happy that she sold 742 thousand copies of the CD in one week. That is a great accomplishment that WiggyPopLocksNWails(TM) didn’t even accomplish with “B’Day”. I stumbled across a Bonus Track recording during the “As I Am” sessions called “Hurt So Bad”.

Quickly after listening to the song, I realized that it was a remake of one of my FAVORITE oldies of all time. The Little Anthony and the Imperials classic “Hurt So Bad”.

The original is a song that I heard nearly every Saturday as my Mom cleaned the house and forced me to scrub the toilet. The original in my opinion is a tough act to follow, and while Alicia does a decent job, she doesn’t really capture any of the raw emotion of the original song.

Little Anthony’s falsetto at the beginning of the song builds into a huge chorus. Then comes the huge “Please Don’t Go!” bridge and finally the conclusion of the song. The original is just a great example of good singing, and the range of emotions he is able to cover in 2 minutes and 8 seconds is amazing.

I am not mad at Alicia for covering the song (after all it is just a Bonus Track that didn’t make the album.) But if Alicia tackled remaking the song the same way she did when she remade Prince’s “How Come You Don’t Call Me?” she could have really done something special here.