“America’s Next Top Model” 11/21/07: Who Got Sent Home?

Lisa or Heather

After flying all the way to China for the last leg of the competition, Lisa was sent home. Throughout the competition, Lisa was my fave to win. The fact that she was sent home after taking the picture above is odd to me. Her picture was one of the best in the bunch.

Heather on the other hand is very pretty and always takes a good picture. But the way she gets special treatment she gets due to her disability is not fair to everyone else. And I know that the verbally challenged Jaslene won the competition last year, but does Tyra really want another winner who can’t deliver a good “My Life As A Covergirl” commercial?

And how is it that Heather is always chosen as the “Covergirl of the Week”?

Who’s voting for her every week on CWTV.com?

The episode this week was boring overall. The Martial Arts challenge was both predictable and uninteresting. And what’s with the prize being the wackest in Top Model history? $500 bucks to go shopping? Are they really serious?

The photoshoot was good enough this week and filled with the pre-requisite boasting and breakdowns. And by the end of judging a new top 3 has emerged with Saleisha, Bianca and Chantal.

But of course that is only for this week. Because if the spoilers online are true, then the ANTM Cycle 9 Top 3 will be Saleisha, Jenah and Heather.

The ANTM Cycle 9 Top 2 are rumored to be Jenah and Saleisha with Saleisha being the winner for Cycle 9.

Quick question? Why hasn’t Tyra fixed Jenah’s teeth the way she fixed Joanie’s and Danielle’s teeth in past seasons? During Jenah’s covergirl commercial all I kept seeing were her buck teeth on the top, and her crooked shark jibbers on the bottom. It’s bad enough Tyra has made her rock a really bad weave this season. The least she can do is fix her crooked smile.

And why is it that I don’t hate Bianca as much as I should? She made me laugh the entire episode with how mean she is. I find her funny now.

Next week looks to be a better show. It’s “Go See” week, so I am hoping in grand tradition of the show that someone has a major meltdown because they can’t reach their destination on time.



  1. Tyra probably won’t fix Jenah’s teeth because she totally screwed Joanie over with they job they did on her. I’ve met Joanie. All they did on the show was offer a quick fix for the problem. And now, all of her teeth are fake. She was wearing a mouthpiece for the remainder of the time she spent on the show. They said it only took 6 hours or something to fix but in reality it took 6 months. They kind of made a big mistake. Just FYI.

  2. Wow, that is foul on so many levels. It is another example of how the reality in “Reality” TV is never the truth.

    No wonder they haven’t even mentioned Jenah’s bottom teeth at all this season. During that Cover Girl commercial all I kept noticing were her bottom teeth.

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