“Old School” Rock Track of the Day!: P.O.D. “Sleeping Awake”


Every now and then, one of my favorite things to do is sing Karaoke at the bar. I have done this on and off for about 3 years for fun. My friends Lissette and Mercedes usually host the Karaoke night and it always results in good fun.

Last Friday after a months long absence I inadvertently returned to the Karaoke scene. When I went to the bar for a couple of drinks with my brother and my best friend, I was shortly informed by my friend Mercedes that I was next in line to sing a song.

And the song chosen for me to sing is one of my favorites, P.O.D.’s “Sleeping Awake” off of the “Matrix Reloaded” Soundtrack.

This is a great song. I always liked P.O.D. Their album “Testify” is very underrated and was loaded with potential Rock Radio hits. Too bad it didn’t do as well as it should have.

Whenever I sing Karaoke, rather than try to be a faux R&B crooner or a Latino Loverman, I sing Rock Music. And I find it funny that people don’t expect me to even like that genre of music. But I really do. And it’s always fun to let out your inner Rock God and shock the hell out of bar patrons who were listening to off key renditions of Natasha Bedingfield’s “Unwritten” all night.


Download: P.O.D. “Sleeping Awake”