In Honor of “Thanksgiving” Being This Week…


One of the best things about “Grindhouse” were the faux trailers that were presented in between the double feature. So it makes no damn sense that the trailers weren’t included with either of the DVD releases of “Deathproof” or “Planet Terror”.

In honor of the Thanksgiving Holiday being this week, I am reposting the hilarious Eli Roth (Read My Interview W/ Him) faux trailer that was attached to the Theatrical Release of “Grindhouse” back in April.  

The trailer is for the spoof of the Holiday Themed Slasher Movies that were popular in the 80’s.

The “Film” is called “Thanksgiving”.

Needless to say that the trailer is really NSFW. It’s also not for the few of you out there who are easily scared of horror movies.

View the trailer under the cut!