“Heroes” 11/19/07 Episode Recap!

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What an episode huh?

While the events of last night were not perfect, it was still a good hour of television. I think it may be safe to say that “Heroes” has finally returned to form! Last night’s episode was good. It was also Peter, Nikki, Michah, and Latino Wonder Twin free. Even Sybrows (who has been given nothing to do this season) sat this one out too. But even with the absence of a lot of characters, a lot of good things happened that finally propelled the Season 2 Story Arc forward.

Here is the brief rundown:

Mohinder was exposed as a liar to Noah.

Noah showed and proved that he really loved Claire. (Again.)

By episode’s end Claire regained full trust of her father.

West finally became a likeable character.

It was clarified that Elle is in fact Bob’s daughter.

Parkman is getting comfortable with his new powers. Maybe a little TOO comfortable.

A shocking death at the end that didn’t stick! (Thank God.)

Hiro finally learned that you can’t alter history with time travel, but you can still be nosy when you jump back.

After swearing off the show a couple of episodes back, the storyline is finally gaining some good momentum. The focus of last nights episode was on Noah aka H.R.G. and his struggle to protect Claire.  

Mohinder, Bob and Elle were after Claire’s blood in order to save the ailing Nikki. Or that’s what Mohinder thinks. They all headed to Costa Verde California (Land of the 2007 Nissan Rogue) in search for her. The diabolically evil Elle delivered the best line of the night when she met the battered Mohinder for the first time (What’s your ability? A Punching bag?) Elle also proved two things, one she is crazy and mean, but on the other hand she just might be a confused girl. She may even have the potential to become a good guy in the future.

Noah meanwhile was trying to get his family to leave Costa Verde. Claire of course is resistant to going anywhere with him. She does not trust him after finding out what he had done to her boyfriend West. Claire against her father’s wishes goes off to school and is soon abducted by Bob. Noah learns about what is happening when he catches Mohinder in a lie over the phone. Noah ends up gaining an ally with West as West realizes that Noah is not the bad guy. They wind up working together to get back Claire.

The Noah/Mohinder/Elle showdown was a show highlight. Just when it seemed that Noah was facing the losing end of the triple threat match, just as Elle was about to use her lightning bolts of doom, West flies into the fight to tackle Elle at high speed. Elle is left unconscious and wakes up in a torture situation that only Jack Bauer would truly appreciate.

Noah then offers her father Bob an ultimatum, return Claire or Elle dies. Bob agrees, but before returning Claire he manages to take a sample of Claire’s blood. Which brings me to a plot hole. Wouldn’t it have been easier to set up a fake blood drive at Claire’s school in order to get a sample of her blood? Why go through all of this fuss if you weren’t going to have the balls to take Claire?

Anyhow, they perform the tradeoff and West flies into the sky with Claire only to be shot down by one of Elle’s lightning bolts. They both crash to the ground. How romantic of West to break his fall on top of the indestructable Claire. What a gentleman.

Noah and Bob have a standoff with a gun. Just as Noah is about to kill Bob, Mohinder the weasel shoots Noah in the eye. And now Issac’s painting has come true. Mohinder “Killed” Noah. And this brings me to plot hole 2. Why kill Noah if you were only going to later infuse his blood with the blood sample Bob took from Claire? By giving Noah Claire’s blood, he was able to regenerate his missing eye and return from the dead (in a scene that echoed Claire’s autopsy table resurrection in season 1). I didn’t understand the logic here, but then again it may all be explained in the next 3 episodes.

Yeah other stuff happened too, but the whole Hiro/Daddy story was just OK. Hiro learned that just because he has a God-Like Power, doesn’t make him God. So instead of trying to save daddy from his rooftop death, he understood that it was destined to happen. So he let it happen. But not before actually using his brain for the first time this season, and freezing time to find out who pushed his dad off the roof.

And the killer is???? Takezo Kensei!

And we as an audience all say in unison “NO FREAKING DUH!”

Seriously this wasn’t a huge reveal. What would have shocked me more is if it were Peter who did it. If Peter while having amnesia was on some “Julia Thorne” shit and working for Kensei. That would have created some more much needed tension to the story. But this is the reveal we get and we have to go with it. Hopefully this revelation will bring us closer to seeing the kick ass Hiro from the future who speaks better English and walks around with a sword.

There are only 3 episodes left. I am curious to see what will happen next. Hopefully the first half of season 2 will end on a strong note. It’s just a shame that out of 9 episodes so far, there have only been 2 good ones. But after last night, I am starting to believe that Kring is really serious about saving his slumping show.

See you next Monday!



  1. I am like you, I am quickly getting sick of Maya and Alejandro. I know that Sylar still has some great TV moments left in him but I haven’t seen it yet. I think that this episode might be a turning point that gets the show back on track. I really like the previews for next weeks episode. For the love of God can we please start seeing Peter on a more consistent basis since he is the primary character in the show.

  2. It’s a shame how this season the writers managed to make an interesting character like Peter somewhat unlikeable this season.

    The amnesia plotline was so ridiculously cliched. It was a bit insulting. But I am glad the show is back on track.

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