“Final Destination 4” is coming and it will be in 3D!


According to The Hollywood Reporter director David Ellis (who directed the diabolically evil “Final Destination 2”) is returning to the “Final Destination” franchise with part 4.

The best news, part 4 will be in 3D! Yup…. New Line has just got my $10 Dollars. 

I for one can’t wait for this movie. I really enjoyed part 1. And part 2 was a whole other experience. Aside from the brilliant car accident in “Death Proof” I still don’t think I have seen a spectacular car wreck like the one featured in part 2. The “Final Destination” movies fly under the radar. They make money, are pretty good, but a lot of people won’t cop to being fans of the series. I for one enjoy going to see these movies with my friends because they almost always ensure a good time at the multiplex. 

New Line re-hiring David Ellis to return is just a good look for the studio. Part 3 had it’s moments, but it was nowhere near as good as part 2.

Here is a bit of The Hollywood Reporter Article:

David R. Ellis is coming back to New Line for more death, according to the Hollywood Reporter. The director has signed to direct and develop “Final Destination 4,” the latest installment of New Line’s popular horror series, which the studio plans to shoot in 3-D.

The premise of the series is that even if you cheat death once, a force that is death itself will stalk you until it finishes what is started, usually in a gruesome fashion. While plot details for “FD4” are being kept under wraps, the movie will stand alone: It will feature new teens facing new forms of death.

The script was written by Eric Bress, who co-wrote “Final Destination 2.” Ellis directed the second installment, which was praised for its elaborately orchestrated killings.


With a new “Friday The 13th” remake and now “Final Destination 4” it looks like New Line Cinema is going to try hard to pose a serious threat to Lionsgate and “Saw”.