What’s Going On With Kat Von D?


I am a fan of “LA Ink” and Kat Von D’s tattoo skills. So it pains me to see her like this.

Even with all of her tattoos, I find her attractive. Sure she sounds like she smoked 50 packs of smokes back to back in one day, but on her show she comes off as being a cool person.

At this event, she was looking like a bootleg version of herself. You know like one of those Comic Con actors that dress up as comic book characters? They somewhat look like the real thing but not really?

While the above pic may not look so bad, may I present you you picture number 2:

Huh? Part 2

From the side the outfit makes her look like a drag queen dressed up as Kat Von D on Halloween.  

Can the real Kat Von D come back to us soon?




  1. hey my name is sherri, im 15 years old and i very intersted in kat von D, i look up to her…. i have been around tattoos all my life and one day hope to meet her…. rite now im in ap art hpoing one day i can be as great as her… also i prlan to get her to tat2 most my of my work.

  2. i love her shoes!!!

  3. It’s called Rock & Roll. How would you expect her to dress?

  4. No camaltoe

  5. Kat….all I can say is who cares what other people think about your tattoos….it’s a representation of you and who you are…..if there are people out there who have a problem with your awesome work/tats they are the ones with the problem…..people need to accept people for who they are and not judge you or anyone else for that matter…..Life is just too short for us not to live it to it’s fullest……the true beauty is what lies within…..I love your work on your body and most of all the work you do for other people…..You are a “WALKING TALENT”……I love your work……you truely are amazing…..I hope that someday I am able to come meet you and have you tattoo the portraits of my two beautiful kiddos….luv ya man…..be who you are always…Marinda

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