“Should Be” Single: Cheri Dennis “Dropping Out Of Love”

Cheri Dennis 

Poor Cheri Dennis.

There is nothing wrong with her look or her singing voice, so why is she getting done this way by Bad Boy?

For some reason, her debut CD was digitally released to ITunes this week. The physical album is supposed to come out in February 2008. Tell me how this makes sense? To me this move to release the CD to ITunes 3 months before the street date is fishy at best. But hey, what can she do? At least her CD is out there for her fans to hear.

This is a single off of her debut album “In and Out of Love”. It’s called “Dropping Out of Love” and it contains a sample from the Notorious BIG’s “Sky’s The Limit”. 

It’s a smooth song, simple, effective. It’s probably the best song on her new CD. If they add a decent rap cameo to the song it could become a hit on the radio. But in it’s current form, the song is just smooth “IPod/Travel to Work” music.  If anything though it should be her next single.

Unfortunately I think this is it for Cheri, her best shot at a mainstream single was “I Love You”. And that song never caught on. So I think her career as a singer is done. If anything she could still make money as a songwriter.


Bonus Jam: Cheri Dennis “I Love You (Remix)”


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