New Video from Alicia Keys!

As I Am 

Here is the 2nd single and video from Alicia Keys 4th album “As I Am”.

The song is called “Like You’ll Never See Me Again”. The video features the suddenly in demand rapper Common.

The song is a bit of a departure for her vocally. It’s smooth. It took a while, but the song has grown on me. The video’s concept is not really new. It’s basically a more serious take on Toni Braxton’s “Unbreak My Heart” video. 

I like how Alicia has somewhat of a theme in her videos of having good rappers appear as her love interests. From Method Man to Mos Def and now Common. It’s funny, if any other singer tried to feature a rapper as her boyfriend in their videos, they would look loose. But since Alicia is talented, gifted, and a serious musician it always looks like she is giving her props and seal of approval to the artist.

I have checked out “As I Am” and I really wanted to love it the way I loved “The Diary of Alicia Keys”. I am still not too thrilled with the CD but I am giving it another go this weekend.

I respect Alicia as an artist, so any CD she puts out deserves a thorough listen with my undivided attention.