My Ex-Wife Sarah Michelle Geller Sexes Up “Maxim”!


I remember I was a HARDCORE “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” STAN back in the day. I would never miss the show on Tuesday Nights. I admit it was hard for me to follow the show during the final seasons on UPN though, but that was around the time she also married “Whatshisface” and I began to lose interest in her career.

Then she started to make stupid movies like “The Grudge” and she fell off of my radar completely.

I was a I still have a little love for her though. Here is Geller trying to make the sexy happen for the December 2007 issue of Maxim. She’s still as cute as she was when the fisherman chased her down the dark alley 10 years ago.

Maxim 2 

I hope she catches a good career break soon. She should consider firing her agent and getting back to TV. There is no reason why a woman like SMG can’t get on high profile TV shows like “L O S T” or “Grey’s Anatomy”.

TV is what she is best at. The only Movie I want to ever see her in is a “Buffy” Movie. Period.