I’m going to go ahead and save you the $10 dollars: “Awake” Movie Spoiler!


In 2005, My friend worked for a film company and she told me about a horror script she had read called “Awake”. “Awake” dealt with the unproven phenomenon of Anesthesia Awareness. Apparently some people during surgery have reported being able to feel what was happening while they were under the knife and immobile.

Scary shit if you ask me. My friend said the script she read was interesting, but the casting was awful. And she was right. The cast is awful. Jessica Alba is the hottest actress who lacks actual acting skills. And Hayden Christiansen is still trying to break out of the Anakin Skywalker typecasting.

They didn’t really have to ruin Sia’s “Breathe Me” by using it for this preview.

Anyhow, in my effort to save you the $10 dollars you would have spent on this mundane and predictable thriller, here is what happens according to my friend. I’m sure they tweaked it a bit since the movie was filmed a while ago, but you get the idea:

Hayden Christiansen manages to survive his harrowing ordeal with anesthesia awareness on the operating table during his Heart Transplant Surgery. Suffering through this ordeal turns out to be good for him because while he was comatose, he gets the opportunity to follow his heart surgeons around, while in his sort of out-of-body state. 

It turns out that surgeon Terrence Howard and his, fellow surgeon played by Fisher Stevens, a nurse, & Hayden’s now wife, Jessica Alba, were all planning to kill Hayden off on the operating table. 

Before Hayden got surgery, against his mother’s wishes, he married Jessica. So if he died on the operating table she would end up being a wealthy widow, and the conspirators would split her new fortune.

When their plans go awry, and he doesn’t die, Jessica confronts Terrence, Fisher and the nurse. In her anger, she grabs a syringe filled with something powerful enough to stop Hayden’s heart, and she jabs it into his chest. However, she forgets to put latex gloves on first so her fingerprints are now on the syringe. When it looks like Hayden will really die now, his mother deliberately overdoses on some pills in order for her heart to be donated to him. Terrence Howard starts to have a change of heart because he genuinely likes Hayden, and when the police arrive, shows Jessica that he now has the syringe with her prints on them, thereby she can be accused of attempted murder.

She runs into the hospital stairway, but is captured by the police.Terrence sits in his office, smiling as he wait to be arrested. He is at peace knowing that Hayden will now be able to lead a full life with a new heart.