I hate Drew Carey on “The Price is Right”

The Price is FAIL! 

I tried watching the show the other day and I couldn’t. He is such a poor choice for a host of “The Price is Right”.

I know the producers had a very difficult time in selecting a new host. I mean, how can you replace Bob Barker? Bob Barker is the man. But this is the best you could come up with? Drew Carey? I’m sorry but as a game show host, the dude is full of FAIL.

Drew Carey just doesn’t bring the same enthusiasm that Bob did. Sometimes he is just downright boring. “Oh you just won 10 thousand dollars, that’s cool!”

I really don’t see him lasting very long with this hosting gig.

Seriously, I don’t get the choice at all. The only thing that made me watch more than 5 minutes of this show was this idiot busting his ass while  “Comming on Down!”




  1. I totally agree…I just now switched the channel to the price is right and I have never wanted to change it from this show, but I think I may do just that. He was NOT the best choice for this job, I dont even know why they considered him for this hosting position, none of his other gigs have been a success in my opinion. I HATE THIS SHOW NOW!!!

  2. It’s funny, everyone I know hates him as the host. They needed someone like Wayne Brady to host. Someone who has charisma and would actually amp up the excitement about winning a Ford Focus or a really ugly beige colored Living Room set.

    I truly don’t get why they chose him. I wonder if the ratings have plunged?

  3. I agree as well, Drew Carey is an awful choice. He talks fast and mumbles most of the time and adds no emphasis at the proper times. A little bass in his voice would help as well. The new set colors of blue and green are so drab. Someone like John O’Hurley would have been a better choice. I used to run to watch this show, now I have no problem passing it by. I hope they find a better fit.

  4. Drew is the worst thing on television. Everything he is a part of should be taken off the air. He is making the world a dumber place. He never can build a connection with the audience or guests. TAKE HIM AWAY!!!

  5. I agree with all the comments, I have watched Price for over 15 yrs and Drew is NOT a good replacement, HE CANNOT SPEAK, he chews his words and just does not fit, My first choice was John O’Hurley, now I think even Al Roker will be better thank Drew, Drew should go to acting on soaps or something else if he so wants to be on TV but not suited for Price at all.

  6. Little late on this, but I was just watching Price is Right today and couldn’t resist looking up online if anyone else agreed with me how absolutely AWFUL Drew is as host! I’m glad I find this post! I I’m sure they could have found a better replacement. I miss Bob!!

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