Spoiler: Does Tailor Made Win “I Love New York 2”?

Tailor Made 

According to “Miss Jones in the Morning” on Hot 97, Tailor Made wins “I Love New York 2”.

Apparently Miss Jones morning show has correctly spoiled the winner of VH1 shows in the past, hence the reason VH1 stopped sending their contestants over to the show for interviews.

If the spoiler is in fact true and Tailor Made wins, I would be happy with the outcome. He is the only source of humor on “I Love New York 2” aside from the muppet herself.

On a side note Sister Patterson has oddly been a bit more subdued this season. She was hilarious last season, but this season she has been quieter. Did New York get pissed at the fact that Sister Patterson stole the show last year with her “Praise Him!” song in church?

By far the best thing this season that Sister P. has done was her reaction to seeing Midget Mac for the 1st time. She got out the limo and screamed as if she got scared. That was a moment I saw over and over thanks to my DVR.

Anyhow, good for Tailor Made if he wins. I think the dude is so ridiculous that he is funny. The other guys hate his guts, but I think they take the competition WAY too seriously.

I mean, look at the end prize. A chain smoking, plastic surgery enhanced, crooked weave wearing, Ranch Dressing loving, stereotypical caricature of a woman who in the past let Flavor Flav sex her up.

Seriously, I think Punk, Buddha, The Entertainer and Mr. Wise need to remember what I just said the next time they get all emotional on the show.

This is what you got to look at EVERY DAY if you win:

Crazy Eyes 




  1. lol at the last pic! i was dying of laughter when she looked at Tailor Made like that!!
    if TM wins the show i will be so excited. i remember the first episode i was like ” eww..all the momma boys are so ugly” but then i saw TM and i was like ” never mind!” he’s been my fav since day 1!! =]

  2. I’m not a huge fan of the show, but I do agree that all the guys seem to be taking the competition so seriously. For Tiffany? Imagine that thing in bed next to you stinking like a chimney.

  3. It seems she always has a lit cig when the camera is on her. It’s really crazy how much that woman smokes. Then she is always kissing people too. It was nasty when she kissed Punk and still had smoke in her mouth….

  4. If Tailor Made does win they deserve each other. They are both rich and they both are greedy. Tailor Made has all that money and a snitch so he is perfetct for her.I Another thing Tailor Made is a punk and not a man because you do not SPIT on anyone !!! Just think it will be another Tiffany and Pumpkin fight when they fight! One thing to think about Fame and Money might be nice , BUT it can not buy happy nest or love.

  5. Are you joking?! Rich?! This is a reality TV show.. They rent these houses, and let these clowns live there, and you think they’re RICH?! Lol.. Tiffany is gross.. Tailor Made is hot, but they all have been kissing the same girl.. Lol.. Ewww.. One word- Herpes.. Lol..

  6. omg i love tailor made to he is so sexy and hot if new york does pick him to win i will be so happy and jelous

  7. New yourk would be stupid not to pick tailor made

  8. ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww talior made should not win he is so frekin ugly nd white

  9. NEW YORk is a disgusting, whore and slutty black woman. She is making black woman look bad on television. She dumb disgusting trash and its a shame of VH! to allow this trash on television. They should potray black people on a postive and motivational image instead of enhancing this negative sterotype that lingers on white folks minds. I can’t stand this woman and i will protest at VH1 headquarters to ban this show. Who else is with me?

  10. Anyone who uses New York as an example of what every black women in the world is like, should be slapped and have their t.v. removed for good.

  11. oh my god buddha isnt going to win everybody know tailor made probably gon win cause he a lill piunk and he do whateve new york tell him to do

  12. Well i think that New york should just end this all and be with chance…Yall need to see the videos on VH1 because they were all on eachother, u gotta be lying if u say that theres nothing there. but as for tm winning, its watever because i cant wait for the reunion and i can guarantee that there will be a 3rd season. And also what yall fail to realize is this is jus entertainment. its made to entertain and if u dont like it, dont watch it fa real. it wasnt made to portray blacks, whites and what not, it was made to entertain u for a hour, then go about your business until next week, jus like everyother show does!!! Its not that serious! Its jus entertainment people!

  13. I love Tailor Made I hope he wins either him or Punk but you know she isnt going to pick Punk he is not her type


  15. The three guys left are all so hot that I would never be able to decide between them – so unlike last season when there was only one ten on the show. If I were her I would keep all three!

  16. No way will a white man be allowed to be picked by “New York”.

    She’ll be persona non-grata in the black entertainment community AND amongst most black fans.

    It’s just the way it is. Reverse Racism.

  17. As a Black woman and fan of ILNY, if that White man is going to give her the love she deserves, why can’t she pick him? If you stand for reverse racism, then racism should also be fine with you. I hope you get discriminated against really soon.

  18. Ok so what if tm told ny a couple of things! HE IS THERE TO WIN HER HEART NOT TO MAKE FRIENDS!! I cannot stand ppl who are like he’s a snitch i mean come on get over it! he’s not there to be nice to ppl! If he needs to take ppl down b4 he wins ny’s heart then y blame him for it isnt that the point? thats y he’s my fav i hope he wins cuz hes the only one whos really there for her,

  19. […] goes home. Which makes New York look very stupid. It also is closer to proving that “Tailor Made” is in fact the winner of this whole thing since he is now in the […]

  20. Does anyone know what Tailor Made does for a living? They are always talking about his wealth but no one has stated what he does to have made it? I know Punk and Pretty were lawyers and law students respectively, and Buddha is an actor but I want to know what Tailor Made does…? BTW his (ex) wife is a fat cow.

  21. […] also looks like the “I Love New York 2″ spoiler I posted about the winner WAY BACK is true. So expect VH1 to try another spin off that will chronicle the new couple’s […]

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