The “Real” VMA Choreography For Britney’s Failed Performance!

Better Days.... 

I found this clip on youtube. It is Britney’s back up dancers rehearsing for the VMA’s with a stand in. While the routine they came up with is no dance with a snake or a pyro striptease, it’s still better than the seemingly drugged up routine that we all saw.


This is just another example of how bad this chick has fallen off. A routine like the one shown by the stand in should have been a piece of cake for Britney. It wasn’t at all hard looking, especially given Britney’s level of dance experience. The routine is a little slow in the beginning, but it picks up at the end. If Britney were serious, it would have looked good.

For a comparison to the performance above, here is Britney’s actual performance at the show.

It’s a shame these dancers worked real hard to try to make her look good. But she just isn’t game anymore.