“Old School” Joint of the Day: Gang Starr feat. Nice & Smooth “DWYCK”

 Childhood Block

There are some songs you hear and you can’t help remembering exactly where you  were when they came out. With the case of Old School Rap music, I always remember my younger days growing up at the Betances Houses. Oh you guys didn’t know I am kid from the PJ’s? Yup it’s true. I have the stolen “Brook Ave.” street sign to prove it.

Anyhow, these songs remind me of my days hanging out behind Grandma’s house with Danny, Stevie, Eddie, and Nikki. Re-enacting the tennis ball obstacle course from “American Gladiators” with rocks, ruining the St. Pius V afterschool program, or not going to our Summer Community Center program in favor of running around the neighborhood, we sure had a lot of fun back then.

One of my favorite songs that reminds me of these times is “DWYCK”. It is also the first rap song that I was able to completely memorize (Thanks to Alexa).

It was a staple on Video Music Box when it came out.