My New Game Show Obsession: “Cash Cab”

Cash Cab

I was with Joel last week flicking through the channels on TV and we both came across this show. At first glance it looks like a bootleg “Taxicab Confessions” but then when we continued to watch, we realized it was in fact a gameshow.

The Discovery Channel’s “Cash Cab” is an American adaptation of a UK show. The show is hosted by stand up comedian Ben Bailey. The premise of the show is about Ben driving a cab around NYC and picks people up. The folks are unaware that they are in the “Cash Cab” until a crazy ass disco light goes off and Ben informs them that they are on a game show.

The rules of the “Cash Cab” are simple. The passengers have to answer general knowledge questions for money. They can only get 3 questions wrong or else they are thrown out of the “Cash Cab”. The passengers who are able to make it to their destination without getting 3 questions wrong keep their earnings.

Sure the money won isn’t OD Crazy like “Deal or No Deal”, but watching regular New Yorker’s winning decent money paid in cash is fun to watch.

I know I am mad late with discovering this show since it’s been on since 2005. But hey, if anyone out there is like me and has not seen this show, I suggest you tune in ASAP. And with no end in sight to the WGA strike, I suggest you all start finding alternative programming that isn’t cheeseball reality shows.

At least with watching “Cash Cab” you can also test your brain and learn stuff.

“Cash Cab” airs weeknights at 5 and 5:30 on The Discovery Channel.



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  1. I have been watching this show for the past year, its additcting to watch. I always look for his cab downtown. If I even see him I am grabbing that cab, even if I have to be late for class lol.

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