Nicole Scherzinger’s Solo Album Relegated to 2008!

Her Name Is Redone 

This news has gotta sting a little.

Nicole Scherzinger’s debut solo album “Her Name Is Nicole” was pushed back to a 2008 date according to her label Interscope Records. This comes on the heels of two failed singles “Whatever You Like” and “Baby Love”.

Here’s my deal, whether Nicole knows it or not, she has the potential to be a big solo star. But the fact remains, if she wants to do well she will need ditch the pop music and aim for R&B/Hip Hop/Club music.

This is a girl who is gifted with good looks, dance talent, and decent vocal ability. But all of the songs off her leaked album were all over the place. She needs direction. She needs a main producer. She needs someone like Pharrell Williams or Ryan Leslie to oversee her album and give it a main sound.

The problem with “Her Name Is Nicole” is that her CD sounded like a bad attempt at re-creating Fergie’s “The Dutchess”. Now I know Fergie’s CD did well, but why would anyone want to use her CD as a template for their own?

I know there is a good album in Ms. Scherzinger. She just needs the right svengali to help rein it in and bring it all together. So I am glad she is re-doing the CD. Hopefully she will come back with something hot. She has the resources to do so. So I hope she gets it done.