Britney on track to sell 350K 1st week….

We Remember.... 

Wow, it seems that she does in fact still have the ability to sell a record.

According to Hits Daily Double Britney’s one day sales of “Blackout” are on track to reach 350K the 1st week.

Now this is a woman who moved 1.2 million units in one week of her album “Oops…I Did It Again”, but that was in healthier times for the music industry. In the year 2007, it’s a blessing to do anything over 250K the first week.

I mean look at Jennifer Lopez and her album “Brave”, she only sold 53K in 1 week. A sad number, especially when you take into consideration all the album promo J-Lo did prior to release.

Imagine if Spears was able to actually promote this thing? I’m sure this 350K figure would be higher. But no, she did this “comeback” on her crazy ass terms, and I would just call it luck her CD came out the way it did.  She is lucky her team of producers had her back big time.

But I won’t deny Britney her credit to still move albums. The true test will be how Britney’s follow up singles to “Gimme More” will fare on the radio, and if she will be able to promote the CD with good videos.  

We’ll see.