“Should Be” Single: Britney Spears “Heaven on Earth”

Better Days 

As I mentioned in my review of the Britney Spears HQ “Blackout” Leak, a song that I found myself enjoying the most was the dance track “Heaven on Earth”.

I don’t know why I like this song so much to be honest with you. Even though I do enjoy Dance Music, I don’t OD on it. Some Dance Music can be a little too HUD for my tastes. But this song sticks out from the rest for me.

But this song really works. The way it starts off all high energy, leading into Britney’s beathy growl. The thump that follows building on the beat. All leading up to a catchy ass chorus layered with different vocals. This song is a well crafted potential hit.

And while it may be too out of the box for Britney to release to mainstream radio, I feel “Heaven on Earth” should be released to dance music stations and rhythmic stations like KTU. Releasing the song would do her album some good.

Does Britney realize that she has a good CD on her hands just waiting to be promoted properly?



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