Canadian Girl Takeover?

Cory Lee

Recently I noticed that a lot of the actresses that I find attractive are from up north.

Look at a selected list, there is actress Crystal Lowe who has a very nice body. She was in a bunch of horror films (my favorite genre). And seens pretty comfortable with her sexy side.

On the other end of the spectrum, there is Cassie Steele. The “Degrassi: The Next Generation” cutie who went from awkward girl to pretty girl over the course of the series. (Go back to Black Hair though.)

And now there is Cory Lee, a woman who I first noticed during season 3 of the Canadian show “Instant Star”.

She’s cute and pretty on the show but then I looked her up online and found out she has a full blown recording career in Canada that is different from the character she plays. Sure her songs specialize in cheeseball sexy pop music. But can I be mad at her videos? Nope.

The video for her single “Ovaload” (LOL at the ridiculously slang-ified title) features Cory gyrating in a church and confessing her sins… Is she serious?

Then there is my favorite video of hers which is a masterpiece in pop song writing… “No Shoes, No shirt, No Service”

“No Shoes, No Shirt, No Service” features a beat that samples the Vanity 6 classic “Nasty Girl”. The song features the truly inspired lyrics that say “Is that Rodeo or is that Canal?” and the best line in any song this year “No cash, No car, No Coochie”.

Wow…. That’s some funny shit right there. But hey, at least she is upfront and honest with hers. Especially when she says “Cause I’m a Gold Digger, So What!”.

Haha, I think I’m in love.