“Veronica Mars” Season 4?


Back when the fate of “Veronica Mars” was being decided, two options for the show were discussed. Continuing on the series in it’s current form. Or try something dramatically different.

The 2nd option was to age the character and make the show about Veronica being an FBI Agent.

Show creator Rob Thomas directed a 20 minute presentation for the FBI season. He showed it to the CW execs. But apparently they thought shows like “Life is Wild” and “One Tree Hill” deserved a spot on their lineup. Stupid move CW. 

Anyhow, below are Youtube Clips of what could have been.

For a presentation, it looks very official and finished. I would have liked to see this show. But it will never happen. And it sucks that even the presentation left me hanging. My hope is that maybe they will make a “Veronica Mars” movie to tie up the loose ends. But that won’t happen either.

I guess I’ll have to get my Kristen Bell fix during this so far lackluster season of “Heroes”.


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  1. damnit! that was good. shit. screw you CW

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