The “Damages” Season (Series?) Finale Is Tonight!


Am I the only one who watches “Damages” on FX?

Seriously, I don’t know anyone else who watches the show aside from my mother. For the uninitiated, “Damages” is a legal drama/suspense/mystery show about Patty Hewes (Glen Close) a top New York Lawyer who is battling wealthy CEO Arthur Frobisher (Ted Danson, doing Emmy caliber work) on a case where he is accused of selling his shares of his company’s stock the day before his company went under. As a result, his employees were left without pensions, while he remains a billionaire.

Sounds like a simple premise right? With this show, nothing is simple or what it seems.  

“Damages” is the show that has been quietly owning on Tuesday nights. The acting is top notch. The writing is superb. And the season long mystery arc was just an example of tight storytelling. It’s like a very good suspensful book on screen, and the writers pay very close attention to detail.

This show just worked and worked really freaking well for me. When the show started, I was unsure that they could pull it all off being that the mystery started towards the end. As the show progressed, the weeks leading up to the events in the pilot were filled in. And finally, we have tonights season ender.

The ratings on this show have not been great. But the quality flies above its anemic Nielsen Numbers. Hopefully FX will be smart enough to renew the show for a 2nd season. Glen Close and Rose Byrne are talents that I’m sure FX wants to keep in their stable of stars.

But if the show ended tonight, I would be OK. It has been a thoroughly satisfying ride so far.

Season 1 was good enough to warrant my future DVD purchase.

Damages airs tonight at 10PM on FX.