“Blackout” HQ/CD Quality Leaks…


It was bound to happen. Britney’s 5th studio album “Blackout” has hit the internets. I can’t post any links on here because Jive Records is no joke and shutting sites down who post links. But if you are diligent enough in your Google/Yahoo searches, the CD isn’t hard to find.

My take on the complete album?

It is probably Britney’s best work to date. The CD is straight up, unapologetically Pop Music. It seems while Britney may have forgotton how to dance and perform (as we all witnessed at the VMA’s) she still remembered how to deliver the pop music her fans love and expect from her.

While nothing on the CD quite measures up to the club thumping beats and catchy chorus of “Gimme More”, the CD still has plenty of stand out tracks.

“Piece of Me” is Britney’s bold answer to her critics. “Break The Ice” sounds very much like a Timbaland production. “Heaven on Earth” is straight up Ministry of Sound. It’s Britney’s best attempt at a dance song so far. I can totally see it heating up the dance music stations. “Get Naked” and “Toy Soldier” are the closest to “Gimme More” with their thump factor.  

The CD is also surprisingly cohesive unlike “In The Zone” which took detours into Rock, Techno, and R&B and didn’t have an overall sound. With “Blackout” it’s all futuristic pop and you can tell Britney was in the mood to have fun and party.  

There is only one ballad on the CD and it’s the final track. The song is The Neptunes produced “Why Should I Be Sad”.  It is a very good, and it seems to highlight her rocky relationship with KFed. It’s a good way to close off an uptempo album. For the future I would suggest that Spears work with The Neptunes on more uptempo stuff. Afterall they did give her one of her hottest singles (“I’m A Slave 4 U”).

At the end of the day, “Blackout” is an album that no one (myself included) had much expectations for given the negative set backs that have affected the troubled singer’s career lately. I damn sure didn’t expect the CD to turn out this good. If this is what Britney can pull off with all her troubles in her life lately, I can only imagine how this CD would have sounded if she had less distractions around her.

It seems like there is hope for her comeback afterall. Let’s just get this girl into a dance studio with choreographers to get her back to her former dancing days. I don’t know if I can take another amature strip tease video like “Gimme More”.

“Blackout” officially drops next Tuesday.

My Grade: B

Standout Tracks: “Heaven on Earth”, “Gimme More”, “Get Naked”, “Why Should I Be Sad”