“Old School” Joints of the Day: Cece Peniston Edition!

Cece Peniston

When I was younger, Cece Peniston was out and was doing her thing musically. She released a bunch of R&B-Dance songs that were pretty popular in the early 90’s. She also had a great voice to match her high energy music.

She actually came to Randolph High when I was in like the 10th grade to perform for us after school. It was cool and she sounded just like her CD’s live. I never knew why she came through because she didn’t preach to us about staying in school or anything. She just came and sang. I remember this big girl got real hype off of “Finally” like it was her life’s anthem.

Here are some of Cece’s best singles. And take note amature singers who make it to the final rounds of American Idol. If it’s dance music week, instead of singing “Turn The Beat Around” for like the 50th time, try to sing a Cece song.

“I’m Not Over You” 

“I’m In The Mood” 

“Keep On Walking”

Bonus Jam (For All You Dramatic People): “Inside That I Cried”