“Old School” Joints of the Day: Same Sample Edition!


I am generally not a fan of artists sampling other more famous songs. But when the sample is pretty inspired, I can’t hate. Look at how Biggie’s “One More Chance” took DeBarge’s “Stay With Me” and made a completely different song. That is the perfect example of sampling done right.

So today I wanted to highlight Michael Jackson’s “Lady In My Life” a song that has been sampled (to different results) throughout the years.

This is one of MJ’s best songs. But generally, MJ needs more credit with his slow songs. He has made so many good ones. From this song, to “Got To Be There”, to “Break of Dawn”, to “You Are Not Alone”, Michael has really made some memorable slow songs. This song is probably right up there with my favorite slow songs of all time.

The lyrics are good. Michael’s singing is great. And who knew other people would sample it years later?

LL Cool J made a huge comeback when I was in High School. And this song helped cement his comeback. Boyz II Men were the hottest boyband out back then. And their singing was really solid. We still haven’t had another Boyz II Men yet. The sample is just left at the beat. It does a good job and makes the song completely different from the original MJ version.

Mya, Mya, Mya.

So beautiful, so talented, so uninspired when it comes to her musical career. I never understand why this girl just can’t seem to get it all together, but that’s a topic for another blog.

Here she did a more straight ahead remake of the original song. But to me it loses the original’s simplicity. There is too much going on here. In an effort to be too current with the remake, it falls apart.

Thinking about samples made me realize that there are a ton of songs out there that contain samples that are hot. So I wanted to know what is your favorite sampled song?


Bonus Jam: Blue Cantrell “Sleep In The Middle”