How many singles will she eventually release?


I won’t knock Fergie’s hustle. Her debut album has spawned 4 hit singles. And now she is releasing her 5th (and final?) single off of “The Dutchess” with the song “Clumsy”.

I’m not a huge Fergie fan. The only song that she released that I actually liked was “Glamorous”. But that had a lot to do with the Ludacris cameo. Eitherway, I don’t know if this song will be a huge hit for her. It’s kinda odd sounding, but I do already hear it a lot on the radio. 

Personally, I think the success of Fergie’s album may have peaked with “Big Girls Don’t Cry”. But more power to her though. She is definitely doing something right. Most people don’t even get to see a 2nd single, and this is #5.

BTW she also looks the best she has ever looked in this video. But money and makeup will work wonders for anyone.




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