Doing better than Nicole?


While Nicole Scherzinger (who should have had it easy based on her looks and talent alone) is having trouble releasing a single that will actually chart, it seems she is getting some unexpected competition from none other than one of her fellow PCD members.

A song that is on heavy rotation in the Top 40 Rhythmic and Dance stations is Paul Van Dyk featuring Jessica Sutta of the PCD with their single “White Lies”.

I think I hear this song every damn day on the radio. It’s always on when I am at the gym. It’s not a groundbreaking song. And the video is not like the typical dance videos that aspire to be different. It’s all a standard affair. But the difference? This song is pretty damn catchy. 

It already hit #1 on the Billboard Dance Chart.

Nicole singles off of her solo CD “Whatever You Like” and “Baby Love” have not garnered much airplay on the radio. And maybe that’s because she is too busy trying to change the game and be different. What she needs to be doing is singing catchy music and dancing her ass off.

I guess Jessica knows the deal.


Bonus Dance Video: Kaskade “Steppin’ Out”