“John Rambo” Poster!

He's Back!

Seeing all of my favorite action heroes of the past returning to the multiplex is good news for me. Since there aren’t many actors in 2007 who are embracing the action film, it makes me miss the days of mega action heroes like Stallone and Ah-Nuld.

The Rock and Vin Diesel had a shot to be the new action heroes, but it seems that they both rather do Disney movies instead. To resurrect both their action careers, may I suggest that The Rock remake “The Running Man” and Vin remake “Commando”.

Back to the poster. The “John Rambo” poster is simple, and effective. He also looks pissed the fuck off, and that’s a good thing.

And after seeing the trailer that was released a couple months back, it looks like he is going for broke.

I just hope it’s not a direct to video affair.