The Return: “Dead Wrong” NYCHA Sketch of the Day!

It’s been a while since the nice folks at NYCHA emailed me a picture. I guess they have been pretty busy over there, or they just plain ol’ got busted slacking off.

At any event here is another NYCHA Sketch post.  


This is JENNIFER’S an artists rendition of Mindy’s Halloween Costume.

I’m mad they always draw Mindy’s forehead mad big LOL.

BTW for the uninitiated, the people depicted in the sketch have seen the pics I post up already.

It’s a running joke they all got over there drawing pics of each other with MS Paint.

Bunch of clowns, but I love em. Speaking of Halloween Costumes, I have yet to get mine. I’m totally slacking off. But everytime I go see Mens costumes they always look mad fucking cheap.