The Return of a Guilty Pleasure: Degrassi Season 7 is Tonight.

When I was younger, I used to watch “Degrassi Junior High” on PBS after achool. I had NO Idea that the show was from Canada. All I do know is that the show really tackled some tougher subject matter that I wasn’t used to seeing as a kid. Abortion, AIDS, Drug Use, Teenage Pregnancy, are some of the things I remember them dealing with on the show.

Fast forward to about 4 years ago. I was watching TV with my cousin and she was watching a show where a main character got an STD and a sore throat after performing oral sex on a classmates in exchange for bracelets.

I wondered “What the hell was this kid watching?” and then I realized it was a new incarnation of “Degrassi Junior High” called “Degrassi The Next Generation”.

I am almost ashamed to say, but I am fully caught up with the storylines. And tonight marks the 7th season premiere on The N (aka Noggin) at 8PM.

Why do I watch this show? I will never fully understand. Some of these kids are horrible actors (with the notable exception of Lauren Collins). And these storylines sometimes are on some real ABC After School Special type shit.

But hey, if my good friends Pab and Ted can be unashamed to be 20 something and still watch “Saved By The Bell”, then I have a right to see a show where a kids are not perfect and get into really crazy situations.

I hope this season rebounds from the really stupid death of JT Yorke last season. If they were going to kill anyone off, it should have been Emma (because the actress who plays her CANT ACT)

The promo with Manny and her newly blonde (and not to mention fug) hair chilling with Darcy (who later in a promo I saw was looking like something BAD happened to her) doesn’t instill much confidence. But of course I will watch.

And I hope they change that really stupid opening credits sequence that ripped off 90210.



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  1. Manny and her newly blonde (and not to mention fug) hair

    Duuude. I hear that. Has Manny gone insane?

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