“Grey’s Anatomy” Wrap Up: 10/4/07


Could this be the start of something new?

Sorry to start off a blog with a cheesy lyric from Disney’s “High School Musical”, but as I watched “Grey’s Anatomy” yesterday I noticed a huge change. The level of quality was dramatically different than last week’s ho-hum outing. It almost was like I was watching a lost episode of “Grey’s Anatomy” from season 2. But then the relentlessly awful George-Izzie stuff came back and I was reminded that I was still in Season 4.  

Nevertheless, it seems like the writers are really delivering on their promise of change from the darker Season 3. And I for one am satisfied so far.

The episode starts with the most central characters to the show: Meredith and Derek. They are still broken up, but are sleeping together. I am glad the writers realized that the breakup in Season 3 was contrived. The Mer-Der scenes last night show that their relationship is finally moving in a better direction. I also like that they are acting like a real couple. Last season there wasn’t much of that. And that was a gripe of mine. Meredith almost died, yet they didn’t act like a couple that almost lost each other.

Of course it’s not an episode of “Grey’s Anatomy” without an incident that sets off the drama for the rest of the episode. Last night delivered a pretty good one: a mysterious explosion at an apartment complex that sends a young couple and their baby, their landlord, and a neighbor to the ER. Their baby is crying and won’t stop, and Karev (who has become one of my favorite characters) decides to test the baby’s blood after his CT Scan came out normal.

Turns out the baby was crying due to him going through withdrawals from Crystal Meth. So yup, the poor kid is an addict. And the apartment complex blew up because the baby’s parents were running a Meth Lab from their apartment. This incident also set up some interesting scenes with Karev that shows growth as a character.

Meanwhile Callie is having a hard time dealing with the responsibilities of being Chief Resident. And you know what? Good for her. Callie was so dead set on getting the job last season, and she even had a conversation/showdown with Bailey last season over it. She inexplicably got the job over Bailey (how can Bailey lose over anyone?) and now she is in deep shit. She is lost. And as each episode goes on, Callie’s incompetence in the position is becoming more and more evident.

It also doesn’t help that Bailey has all of Callie’s residents on lockdown. Remember they were all Bailey’s interns. They learned from her. They respect her. They are NOT going to respect Callie. Even if she is George’s woman. So when Bailey needs a resident to cover the clinic and Callie says no, what does Bailey do? She naturally asserts her authority and uses her respect with the Residents to get Meredith to cover for her. And Meredith agrees. It also helps that Bailey reminded Meredith that she saved her life last season.

On to George and Izzie. Can this madness please stop? They are both so selfish and poorly written. They want to profess their love to each other. And Izzie is so gung ho about it. Hasn’t she ever had a one night stand? Why can’t she let what happened go? They had sex. Ok, move on. Why does it need to be a full fledged relationship? It’s just not believable that a girl with good looks like Izzie is so hung up over George.

I also don’t feel like George’s character is natural anymore. It’s like this womanizing thing he’s into now is forced as a result from the real life fall out over “Isaiah Gate”. He slept with a nurse, Meredith, Callie, and Izzie. Who is next? At this rate by season 5 he will probably have slept with the entire cast.

Izzie is a mess. She killed someone, almost got all of her friends in trouble for it, and not only did she kill Denny, she probably killed whoever was in 1st place before Denny to get heart for the transplant. Remember she did steal that heart. I don’t know how much more I can take of this. They really need to get Izzie into a specialty and have her stay there. It’s annoying to watch her roll her eyes and have no place at the hospital.

The stupidest thing also happened last night, Izzie told Callie that she was doing a good job right after Callie was yelled at by the Chief. Really stupid and unlike her character. Especially since she hates Callie and her allegiance is with Bailey too. I don’t buy her being patronizing and full of shit just because she feels guilty about stealing her man. Whatever.

Lexi Grey is annoying. But Meredith is rude, she is so nasty to Lexi. But I like how the writers softened Meredith’s rudeness by having Meredith explain why she was so angry. Let’s not forget that their father is the same guy that tried to shoehorn his way back into Meredith’s life (after a long absence) only to wind up slapping her in the face in front of everyone at the hospital. So yeah, I’d be pissed too. And it’s the pissed off that doesn’t vanish over night.  

Christina spent the whole episode trying to avoid Mama Burke (who had come to Seattle Grace to talk to her). But Mama Burke wound up playing Dr. Phil with anyone who talked to her. It was like watching a Daytime Talk Show spin off with Mama Burke dispensing life lessons to people. (ABC Don’t Get ANY IDEAS, “Private Practice” is bad enough.) She told Meredith about her selfish “It’s Over!” speech at the wedding. She told George not to stay in a marriage he wasn’t 100% committed to. And she finally told Derek that he deserved better than being Meredith’s sideline ho. Well she didn’t use those exact words. But it’s true.

She finally wound up talking to Christina, and they came to a truce. When Christina came home, all of Burke’s belongings were gone and her apartment was free of him. This experience seemed to change her for the better, as her bedside manner has dramatically improved by the end of the episode.  

In the end, all the storylines moved forward. And it seems George and Izzie are on track to end horribly. And that is a good thing. They deserve to be put through it because what they have done to Callie is unfair.

Meanwhile Callie is on a fast track to lose her Chief Resident job, while Bailey is continuing to outdo her at every step.

And finally, Derek didn’t follow Mama Burke’s Mother Love advice. Derek is a better man and deserves more from Meredith, but he still went home with her for a “Friends With Benefits” session.

Overall I’m glad with the new direction of the show. The ferry seems to be back on course. Hopefully this episode will be a starting point for better things to come.