“Old School” Joints of the Day: The One Hit Wonder Edition!

Remember Billy Lawrence? You probably don’t. Back when I was in high school her video to the song “Come On” was on Heavy Rotation on The Box. Remember how The Box was kinda popular. I had to stop watching The Box when Bone Thugs came out with Crossroads and it was ordered back to back to back to back. I had enough of “Missing Uncle Charles” so I had to quit the channel.

Back to Billy Lawrence, she didn’t have a great voice. And the chips were stacked against her for being a white girl singing R&B music. And she came out way too early. The Teen Pop Boom of the late 90’s started a few years after this song was released. So basically her timing was all wrong. But it doesn’t change the fact that this was a catchy little song. Sure the video makes no damn sense whatsoever. But who cares. MC Lyte is in it doing her thing.

Do you remember Nine? His video was a “hit” (and I use the term loosely) on Video Music Box. I used to love watching Video Music Box every day after school. I liked to see people (who were older than me) clubbing and giving shout outs all sweaty and busted looking. Anyhow, this is one of those songs that are indicative of the era it was produced in. This is what New York Hip Hop was about at the time. Being gritty with beats that all sounded like samples created in aspiring producer’s basements. This is way before our current era of snapping fingers and ringtone rap. The song is not the greatest lyrical display in the history of rapping. And the dude sounds like a low rent DMX. But the beat really saves this song. Too bad it wasn’t used for another rapper.

Smiles and Southstar released “Tell Me” around the same time that Ja Rule released “Mezmerized”. The beat is identical but Ja Rule had the bigger hit (I don’t know how because that video was god awful.) I don’t think anyone took Smiles and Southstar seriously because they weren’t hardcore rappers. But their song “Tell Me” is still the joint. It’s one of those songs that you still listen to after all this time. Either way, they are not around anymore (and the same can probably be said for Ja Rule) but they left behind this song.

Bonus Jam: Myron “Destiny



  1. I thought I was the only one who remembers Video Music Box!

  2. VMB was something I grew up watching. I remember when they premiered Ralph Tresvant’s “Sensitivity” and the whole living room got bored because that video was like 10 minutes long.

    Anyway, you can’t beat the shoutouts….

    “I like to give a shout out to my MAN! You know who you are”


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