Do You Remember WPIX 11’s “Shocktober”?

I am a horror film fanatic. But it wasn’t always this way. When I was about 4 or 5 I couldn’t even go into a horror section of a video store. I used to be terrified of horror films. But then I got older and things drastically changed.

Back in the day, I had no cable. It wasn’t my fault. The South Bronx wasn’t fully wired for cable yet. So I had to rely on good old Broadcast TV to get my movie fix. And thank God for WPIX Channel 11.

Back before they became the crappy CW, (And before they were The WB) WPIX was known as “New York’s Movie Station”. And every October they would show a horror movie every night at 8PM in October under the banner “Shocktober”.

This is how I became a horror film fanatic.

Usually WPIX would only have the rights to certain horror sequels, so I would watch them on TV then run to Boltron Video on 138th Street to rent the ones I did not see. This is how I discovered Jason, Freddy, Michael Myers and countless other monsters/killers/and slashers. It’s how I found out who John Carpenter and Wes Craven were.

“Shocktober” was my launching pad, and from there I would learn about and watch other horror films. It’s a shame that with the advent of cable and the disappearance of independent broadcasters, channels like WPIX just vanish. No one else does right by the Horror Movie. Not even AMC and their corny “Monstervision” nights of horror films. Nothing can really replace “Shocktober”. Their selection of horror films was really deep. They had so many movies to choose from.

So in the spirit of Halloween, I am going to start recommending some of my favorite horror films each week. If I can help people in anyway get into the spirit of Halloween with a good ol’ scary movie recommendation, then so be it.

Be on the look out for my posts throughout October and leading up to Halloween.



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  1. I remember WPIX showing horror movies back in the mid 90’s. I have to say as a little kid they used to scare me,but I couldn’t help but to watch. The promos were scary as well. I wish WPIX still showed horror movies. Heck, I wish they would show better movies. It seems like now they are trying to bring back some of the charm they used to have.Last Halloween they showed Chiller Theatre. It originally ended a few years before I was born,but thanks to youtube and hearing about it from my parents,I feel as though I was around when it was on. They showed the movie “Tarantula” which was pretty good. I was hoping they could turn Chiller Theatre into a weekly program again. It would be nice if the network did away with showing so many medival shows that are in syndication.

    Besides WPIX and there movies. I remember when they used to show sitcoms like”Fresh Prince”,”Family Matters”,”A Different World”,”Murphy Brown”,”The Wonder Years”,and “Cheers” in the late afternoon /evening time,and these shows were still making episodes. I even remember when they used to show “Batman” and that hasn’t aired on WPIX in like 18 years! It was once a great network. Even when they changed to the WB, sure it wasn’t the same but they did produce some great sitcoms like “The Waynes Brothers””The Jamie Foxx Show”,”Steve Harvey Show”,The “Parent Hood”,and their long running show “7th Heaven”. Today the network is not the greatest in my opinion with primetime.It is great they are showing reruns of shows lik “Jamie Foxx,and the Waynes Brothers in the afternoon time,moving away from some of the silly cartoons,but primetime is all about spoiled teenagers and their boring problems while living in NYC. Also you have the return of “90210”,and “Melrose Place”. Get real. Those shows only been off no more then 10 years ,why bring them back?

    Anyway sorry to get off topic. I also agree with what you said that, At one time you couldn’t even go to the horror movie section in a store. I too felt like that at one time!
    Well, now that Im older and now have to face facts that TV will not air these horror movies probably anymore,just have to go out and try and buy it on DVD. That’s what I done. However maybe one day a network will start to air this again. Slowly on a few networks i see a change in programming,it’s alway hope.

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