“Old School” Joint of the Day: Immature “Please Don’t Go”

 Marques Houston

This video was a serious exercise in boyband cliches.

Matching outfits… Check!

Singing in the rain over heartache… Check!

White Suits and Flashing Lights… Check! and Check!

I remember when this video came out. I believe I was in high school (God I miss Randolph High sometimes) my good buddy Ardmead was a HUGE Immature fan, like cut a chick for Marques Houston type of fan. And I remember making fun of this song and video to her.

I would sing the break at the end of the song all off key… “You!You!You!Yoooooooou!”

Haha, truth is made fun of the song so much that I began to like it. And I still listen to it. Sure it’s pure R&B/Pop cheese. But it’s good. The video though? Wow. Where do I begin?

Marques Houston turns in an NAACP Image Award worthy performance as a man in agony over the loss of his best friend. There is also a lot of chasing girlfriends around trees and cars. (Where most notably we see the moment when Marques realized his BFF/Girlfriend was “Sick”). It’s funny how she got a cramp and falls to the ground in pain yet Marques tries to make out with her. As if making out will make her Cancer pains vanish. You aint that smooth romeo.

Wait that was the name of the other dude right? Oh whatever. Anyhow the sad thing was that I knew a couple of girls that were all “Good for that bitch” when she dies in the end.

So wrong but you gotta fucking love High School.

Here is the video to Immature’s sad (for a 15 year old girl) song “Please Don’t Go”.

Download: Immature “Please Don’t Go”

Bonus Jam: Marques Houston “Clubbin”


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  1. OMG u remember that..well u were my best friend in highschool. i miss those days

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