Fun at the ER!


I went visited hell on earth yesterday (The Hospital Emergency Room), and I am doing much better now. I just have to say, the healthcare system is a real joke. And I don’t know why I get shocked by the lack of intelligence of the people you encounter there.

There were so many idiots in the waiting room. Bad parents with their equally bad children. Mean old ladies. And people with ridiculous self importance issues demanding top notch healthcare and screaming at staff members (when they don’t even have insurance!)  And while many staff members were really nice to me, the majority of them were no better than the bad patients. It’s like they are so accustomed to dealing with idiots, that they speak to everyone in the same manner. Many of them changed their tune once I responded to them. It’s like they said “Oh wait, he’s a smart one”. It’s annoying. More annoying? Being asked the same “Do you speak English sir?” question over and over.

Oh yeah, and the fact that the only channel that worked in the waiting room was ABC Family and all they showed was “The 700 Club” stealing raising money, and “Gilmore Girls” repeats. So yeah, basically hell on earth for me.

But hey, I am better now, so that’s all that matters right? (Thank God for Codene).

Well folks I’m still recouperating, trying to get better for the weekend. So I won’t be blogging as much unless I’m feeling better.


Bonus Slow Jam of the Day: Boys II Men – Please Don’t Go