“Reaper” Wrap Up: 9/25/07


Brace yourself people, because the news I am about to bring you may come as a huge shocker!

Could the best new show of the season be on The CW network?

Wait a second and let’s register this. The CW? The same network that gave “Veronica Mars” the boot, ditched “Everwood” in favor of “7th Heaven”, and drove “Gilmore Girls” creator Amy Sherman Palladino away from her own show?

I am just as shocked as you are. But is it enough to give me “AN EXPLOSIVE CASE OF AMNESIA!” about any of the bad things that the CW has done to it’s viewers? Nope.

Why? Because as a network, The CW sucks really hard. They have 2 of the better shows to debut this season (“Gossip Girl” and “Reaper”) yet they don’t know how to promote them properly. And that is a real shame. 

I wanted to hold off on my praise for “Reaper”, so that I could watch it again on the TV screen. And you know what? I think that this show has the potential to really be the next “Buffy”.

The show is about slacker Sam Oliver. Sam wakes up on his 21st birthday to discover things are a bit stranger than usual. He works at a Home Depot like store with his Best Friend “Sock” and his friend “Andi” (Who he secretly has feelings for).  Andi is almost killed in an accident (where a falling AC is about to hit her head) and Sam comes to her rescue. But he moves the AC from hitting her with his mind.

Ray Wise as SatanNot knowing what  exactly is going on, Sam soon finds out from Satan himself that his parents sold his soul to him before he was born. So now he must be a bounty hunter for Satan. Recovering escaped souls from hell, and bringing them back.

This may all sound admittedly corny, but picture a tone along the lines of “Shaun of the Dead” with hints of “Army of Darkness” and you will get “Reaper”.

The characters in “Reaper” are instantly likeable. Even Satan (Played by Ray Wise) is good here. I also like how “Spanish” from the Will Ferrel Comedy “Old School” is here. Brett Harrison plays Sam very well. He is relatable. Everyone knows the feeling of being 21 and not know where your life is going. The way Sam rises to Satan’s challenge (and by the end of the pilot accepts his fate as the chosen one) is all good stuff.

Tyler Labine is the scene stealer as “Sock”, Sam’s bestDirt Devil friend. He also plays his role in a way that his schtick doesn’t get annoying. Missy Peregrym (who many may remember from her stint as the shape shifting Candice on “Heroes”) plays the love interest/girl next door well. I wonder how long before she finds out about Sam’s new job?

Basically, I really enjoyed the pilot episode. It had enough action and humor to satisfy. The action was well directed (by director Kevin Smith) and it wasn’t over the top. The pliot is filled with story ideas that only ensure the show’s longevity. I also got a kick out of the idea that Sam has to deposit the escaped souls at any place that seems like “Hell on Earth”. So it was fitting that he went to the DMV.

I don’t know how Reaper did in the ratings last night. But I do know that The CW needs to promote it better. This is probably the best freshman show of the season. I hope it finds an audience. Because after that great pilot, it sure as hell deserves one.

I’m there next week, will you be? 


PS, if you missed the show last night, I believe that The CW is re-airing it right after Smallville tomorrow.)