“Heroes” Wrap Up: 9/24/07


I have mentioned on here plenty of times about how I was underwhelmed with the Season 1 Finale of “Heroes”. I enjoyed the 1st season. I was into it, but when u really look at what’s going on, several things pop up.

No TV show is perfect. But come on, for a show called “Heroes” there is a hell of a lot more talking about powers and less displays of them. The acting and dialogue can be a bit clunky at times. And some of the storylines were silly. But it’s a Freshman series, so you cut it some slack.

I’m not the only one who didn’t dig the finale, many people did, and I am sure that the creators of the show know this. So I anticipated the Second Season Premiere of the show to deliver. And what did I get? And hour of going through the motions while being beat over the head with subliminal advertising for the new Nissan Rogue.

NathanTo recap, after that weak finale where Nathan flew with Peter into the sky and he “exploded”, Nathan has been a wreck. He’s a drunk and he’s sporting some serious drunk guy messsy facial hair. Claire and Noah have relocated to Costa Verde California where they are trying to start over. Parkman is taking care of young Molly and has divorced his wife. Suresh is still talking about his “RE-SEEARCH!” and he’s also lecturing people about what is essentially a knock off of the “Legacy Virus” that attacks Heroes and strips them of their powers. And finally Hiro is stuck in Japan with a character who is NBC/Universal’s sad excuse to copy the character of Jack Sparrow in “Pirates of the Caribbean” (He even got slapped in the face like Jack Sparrow).

Claire encountered more bitchy cheerleaders and was having trouble hiding her secret. But this time it was reverse, Claireinstead of being ashamed, she kinda looked like she wanted to show off. That was a welcome change of pace. But next time you get dared to do something by vapid cheerleaders, why don’t you try walking away? She got a new potential love interest (who in a twist everyone saw coming) turned out to be a Hero himself who shares the same power as her biological father. But was it me? Or did he come off as a stalker in the end? 

The new Latin American Heroes played by Dania Ramirez and Shalim Ortiz had an interesting story that quickly turned into a sad “Immigration” stereotype. And another thing, why couldn’t they speak English? It’s like you have 2 good looking Latino leads who both speak English but you make them these immigrants desperate to cross the border into the US. I know that Kring and Co. are trying to think globally, and make us aware that this outbreak of Heroes is happening everywhere. But didn’t that already register with all of us when you introduced Suresh and Ando and Hiro? Why couldn’t they have gone another direction with them? But I’ll give this story the benefit of the doubt before I hate on it completely.

Parkman looks like he lost weight, and I’m glad to see how he’s become this hot shot NYPD officer. I’ll suspend my disbelief with the fact that Parkman was badly injured in the finale, yet 4 brisk months later he is a bad ass officer who does well in the NYPD’s “Danger Room” (X-men Reference #2).

The Molly stuff though was good, the actress who plays Molly is also very self assured for a young child actor. I like her and her relationship with Parkman. But I tell you, this can only end badly. They are making the girl too cute and too sweet, so she’ll probably be a goner soon. That scene where she had the bad dream made me want to see what this bad guy that is worse than Sylar looks like.

Finally the episode ended with the discovery of Peter in a cargo crate tied in chains. It was a predictable scene because nothing eventful really happened all episode, so I expected a bomb drop before the closing credits. So Peter and a new hair cut are back! And to top it off…. He had an EXPLOSIVE CASE OF AMNESIA! (God I miss “Futurama”). Anyhow, I feel that amnesia is a lazy way out for a writer. The amnesia plot device is over played. I really hope Peter doesn’t have amnesia for more than 3 episodes because that’s going to get old and boring pretty fast.

So in the end, nothing dramatic or supercool really happened. The show picked up right where we left off. The gang is almost all here except for Nikki/Sybil/Jessica and her ATM Thief of a kid. We’ll see how it plays out. There are 21 episodes to go, so it can only get better.

I’ll be tuned in at 9 again next week. But if the show continues to not deliver on it’s promise, I’m done. This show is getting far too much praise and it hasn’t even  delivered a good choreographed fight yet.



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