Nicole Scherzinger Enjoys Being Mediocre Huh?

I'm Bored

Sure she is sexy as hell. She can sing. She can dance. So WHY is her solo album shaping up to be an exercise in wackness?

I actually liked the “failed” first single “Whatever U Like” better than her new single “Baby Love” which is a lazy retread of “Irreplaceable”. It basically sucks. The country guitar is annoying. And the vocals don’t match the music. She’s too sista girl with it on some Fergie type shit when she should just be singing.

Not to mention while watching the video, halfway through it I started to anticipate Jennifer LopezĀ sailing by her on a yacht while Ben Affleck kissed her ass cheeks. I also was hoping Mimi would zoom by in a black 1 piece bathing suit on a jet ski singing “Honey”. Basically, I have seen this Nicole video done before and done better.

I don’t know now if I want to buy her album. She is seeming kinda lost without 5 girls dancing behind her huh?



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  1. OK…this bitch right here is getting on my last damn nerve!! However, that boy in the vid can get the business!! And in boy I don’t mean the one that looks like a Jamaican clam digging bum that is Will.I.Am

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