“30 Rock” Clip of the Week!

Again, my love for the NBC show “30 Rock” is becoming a little too obvious on my blog. So this will probably be the last clip I post on here until the 2nd season premiere. I personally think the show is really good, but sometimes it can be not as “new viewer” friendly as it should be. It’s a show that rewards long time viewers by bringing up stuff that happened before. I just hope it gets to last longer than the 3 seasons that “Arrested Development” did.

Here’s a clip from the show. It’s when Josh meets “Elizabeth Taylor”. I found it to be hilarious. but humor is always subjective. My best friend just sat there like “Huh”? That usually happens though with a show that makes older pop culture references. If you are not an older TV Junkie like myself, some things may fly over your head. I noticed that the same thing usually happens to younger people who watch “Family Guy”.