Introducing “Flyleaf”….


Of course I am not going to sit here and try to take credit for introducing this band to anyone.

Truth is, they have done a really good job with building a solid fan base on their own. Their self titled CD, (which I bought at the then discount price of $7.99 while shopping downtown) came out in 2005! I remember trying to tell my brother about their song “I’m So Sick” when I saw it on Fuse 2 years back. He didn’t like it and said they were on some poser shit. He told me to download the Morningwood album instead (Which I did and it is still a fave).

But back to the topic at hand, apparently Flyleaf have been touring like mad and are still promoting their CD that came out in 2005. And I’m glad, because I really like that album. I still listen to it. And “I’m So Sick” oddly became one of my fave songs to listen to while I do cardio.

I recommend this band to anyone who has never heard of them. Their music is hard yet also melodic and very radio friendly. I was also happy to see “I’m So Sick” get major props in the film “Live Free or Die Hard”.

Here is the video to their latest single, “All Around Me” which should be gaining spins at Rock Radio as I type this.

And here is the video to their other single “I’m So Sick”.

And be sure to hit up their OFFICIAL MYSPACE.