“Old School” Joint of the Day: Silk “Hooked On You”


Everyone probably remembers Silk from their massive #1 hit “Freak Me” which hit the streets in 1993 and was all over the damn radio. Even nasty little grade schoolers were singing along to “Let Me Lick You Up And DOWN!”

Truth be told, I never liked “Freak Me” even as a youngster I knew the song was a little too extra. It would be another Silk song that I enjoy, and that song is their other hit of the 90’s “Hooked on You”. I don’t recall many people jamming to the song back in the day, but when I hear the song randomly appear on The Old School at Noon on Hot 97, it reaffirms to me that the song was hot. And it also helps knowing I wasn’t the lone fan of the song.




“30 Rock” Clip of the Week!

Hard Ball

“30 Rock” is a show I grew to enjoy because I disliked the first few episodes. I stopped watching and gave up on it but I caught up again after hearing all of the great reviews it got toward the end of last season. Now I don’t miss an episode.

Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin make an awesome team, and with the shows recent Emmy Win for Best Comedy, I figured I’d show “30 Rock” some love on here. Here is a clip from the episode “Hard Ball”.

Season 2 of “30 Rock” premieres on October 4th on NBC.

“Shut It Down!”