Question: Why was he alone with a stranger?

While I watch Daytime TV, it never fails for the ad for the Verizon FIOS service to always come on while I am awaiting Paternity Results.

So when I watch the ad I don’t think it’s cute or funny like most people do. I just think to myself, “Why is he alone outside with a stranger?”

Seriously, why the hell is that kid running around with the FIOS Tech unsupervised? He needs to be indoors, or if he is going to be outside, he should be in a gated yard. Secondly his dad is a lazy fuck just reading the newspaper while shorty is outside “learning” about “Spectrums of light” and the “1310”, “1490”, and “1550” (whatever those things may be).

Then the kid caps off the commercial with “You should see his truck!” Oh really? He was in his truck unsupervised too?

At that point my Mom would have slapped the shit out of me for going into a stanger’s car after all of her parental warnings, GI Joe PSA’s, and very special episodes of “Dif’frent Strokes”.

Seriously, they need to call CPS on the FIOS kid’s dad. He’s a neglectful dad. It’s obvious that the poor kid is so starved for a damn father figure that he runs to the freaking cable guy for attention.


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