“Old School” Joint of the Day: Al B. Sure “Nite and Day”

Al B. Sure

Dont front on the power of Al B. Sure’s unibrow!

You know this song was your jam back in the day. I won’t front, I still jam to it if it comes on my Ipod during a cleaning session at my house. Then I give the dust bunnies under my couch an impromptu taste of my latent performance skills.

Sure his AC Slater acid wash denim jacket may be too damn tight, but whatever. I can remember that girls loved this dude like crazy. He even had a corny 900 number contest that was something like “Win a Carriage Ride Through Central Park with Al B. Sure”. I know girls from my class who called as if it would be cool for a grown ass man to go on a date with a 4th grader.

And looking at the video makes me realize that I am so happy I gave up the V-Neck Sweater phase I was in at one point.