Old School Joint of the Day: Brandy “I Wanna Be Down”


Poor Brandy. She’s had a rough time lately. So rough it seems that people forget she was at one point as popular as WiggyPopLocksNWails(TM). Sure they are completely different, but Brandy’s popularity was almost at an equal level in her heyday. I can remember when Destiny’s Child couldn’t even book a lip synching gig on Soul Train while Brandy was everywhere.

I am an Aaliyah man myself, Brandy wasn’t really my fave, but I can’t knock her hustle.

Anyhow, here is her video to the “I Wanna Be Down” remix. It features every female rapper who was “hot” at the time. Remember when idiots tried to learn that stupid hand dance she does?

PS: Pick up her CD “Afrodisiac” if you haven’t done so. It is probably her best album.