“Should Be” Single Common “Break My Heart”

I like Common, but my dumb ass has a confession to make. It was only until recently that I realized the female lead in his “Come Close” video was supposed to be deaf. I’m here watching the video like “Why the fuck is he holding up flash cards for her?” It was until someone explained to me that she was deaf.

Anyhow, there goes to show you how much I pay attention to things. Eitherway, here is a song off of his great CD “Finding Forever”. It’s the mellow “Break My Heart”. It should be his next single.

I’m really digging his new material. The songs on his CD sound like those hot old school tracks you rediscover while listening to “The Old School At Noon”.

Which reminds me, I haven’t done an Old School music post in a while. Let me take advantage of my optimum online working out!


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