“Her Name Is Nicole”

Nicole Scherzinger of the PCD has released the video to the single “Whatever U Like”. While I am feeling the song, the video is not on the caliber of her best video “Buttons”.

The video looks good. But in my opinion the tone of the video is waaay too dark for a summer release. What’s going to happen here is what happened with Aaliyah and “We Need A Resolution”. While that video was hella sexy, it was too dark in tone for mainstream appeal and the single and video kinda never hit the stride it should have. 

She’s gonna have to follow this up with something lighter. She went too hard and aggressive with both the song and video. Also, no Dance Break? While we all know she danced with the PCD, this was her solo shot. She needed a Jlo dance break to show people what she’s got.

And finally, while Nicole is probably in my top 5 most sexiest women right now, she better be careful because she could alienate a lot of women with her sex appeal.