My Brief Review: “El Cantante”!

Sure I have been a bit mean to Jenny from the Block the last few posts with regards to her new English Language songs, but hey it’s just tough love. I still give the woman props, and after last night she gets a free pass from me for a while.

Here is my review of her great new film “El Cantante”.

Enjoy and Support!!!!



I saw “El Cantante” last night and enjoyed it very much. I didn’t have high expectations for the film really because it’s a biopic and all biopic’s tend to have the same formula. The artist and their humble beginnings, their rise to stardom, their battle with drugs, and their eventual tragic downfall. 

All of the pre-requisites of a biopic are present in “El Cantante” but it all worked for me.

Sure I may be biased since I grew up in the South Bronx, am Puerto Rican and while I am a horrible salsa dancer (I am determined to learn after watching this movie!) Salsa music is very much apart of my life. I had no problem with the drug use, foul language and some of the negative aspects of our culture that may have been brought to the forefront here because hey, it happened.

It seems everyone would like to do the Revisionist History Hollywood bullshit when it comes to these stories. But that is being dishonest to the audience. What did people want? A lie? Did they want a movie where the worst drug Hector ever did was Coke instead of Dope and have him die of complications from Cancer instead?

Come on people, stop criticizing the film sight unseen.

Also I find it really troubling that a film made by Latinos, written by Latinos and produced by Latinos is getting beat up by OUR OWN PEOPLE! Meanwhile these same idiots will run out and scream to the world that Jamie Foxx is the best actor in the history of film after his performance in “Ray”. Yeah OK, imitating someone is not acting, inhabiting the person you are portraying is. That’s why Angela Basset WAS Tina Turner, even though she looked nothing like her. 

But with “El Cantante” Marc Anthony not only looks like Hector, but sounds like him, sings like him, and ultimately you believe that he is him. Jennifer Lopez finally deserves her acting salary here, as she does not play it safe for one second. She acts her ass off here and I was finally proud of her as an actor. I can only hope she does more movie roles that are as real and as ugly as this one.

And you don’t even have to know Spanish to enjoy the film as the filmmakers cleverly subtitled Hector’s performances in a way that isn’t annoying to the viewer.  

My final take, go see the movie however you can this weekend and support. And if you can’t support the film this weekend, try to buy the soundtrack. It has 9 remakes of Hector Lavoe songs as performed by Marc Anthony. I bought it today off of Itunes for 9.90. It was sold out at Best Buy which was a good thing I presume.