An Very Important Message For Jennifer Lopez…


Dear Jennifer,

I support you, but this just can’t continue.

I heard another leaked song off of your CD. And while it’s better than “Hold It Don’t Drop It” its still bad. This is the 2nd piece of musical wackness that you have released in the span of one week.

Not acceptable, especially since you are Jennifer Lopez. You can work with whoever you want, you can get the hottest tracks. So what’s the excuse? Why don’t I hear any club bangers on your CD? Why don’t I hear any pop songs with an urban slant that scream “crossover success”?

Why is it that Fergie, Nelly Furtado, and the quickly rising Nicole Scherzinger have put out hotter music than you?

If these 2 songs are indicative of what your album sounds like, I say scrap it and start from scratch. You need simple music with banging bass, and beats you can jam to the club to. Not this overproduced hyper mess that samples a wack song anyway (Lights, Camera, Action)

You can do better, and as of right now, you are on official notice.

When Danity Kane makes better music than you, you know you are in trouble.




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  1. If J. Lo and Janet spent less time being Stepford wives and more getting voice lessons, perhaps they some of this tiresome album promotion would do some good.

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