2 “Under The Radar” Movie Trailers


Again here are two more movies (Horror Films) that I had no idea were coming out this year.

The first one is for the film “Trick R Treat” which is a unique (compared to what’s come out lately) take on a horror film. Taking a page out of classics like “Creepshow” or “Trilogy of Terror” it’s a movie that combines 4 seperate stories that take place on the same Halloween Night.

I’m excited since it’s almost like watching something new instead of bullshit like “Saw 27” or whatever number they are up to now.

Also “Brooke McQueen” is in it, and so is the fat kid from “Bad Santa”.

So you can’t go wrong.

Here is the trailer:

The 2nd film is “Babysitter Wanted” which seems like EVERY other “When A Stranger Calls”, “Scream” and chick home alone film that ever came out. But I dunno, I get a different vibe from this one. Maybe it’ll be good. Who knows? It has an on the low direct to video vibe, so hey if that’s the case, I’ll rent this shit at Blockbuster when it comes out.

Here is the trailer: